Our Fleet

Our fleet of funeral vehicles consists of the Mercedes Benz range; all apart from our modern Irish built Signum Hearse and our new Volvo S80 Limousine.

These vehicles offer dignified transportation for the deceased before and during the funeral service. Our family car range also offers elegant and comfortable transportation for the bereaved on the day of the funeral. Let your funeral director know your requirements upon arranging your funeral service.

Want something more personal, unique and a bit different from the classic funeral hearse? We can offer a range of different vehicles including the beautiful Victorian Horse Drawn Hearse, Motorcycle Hearse, Daimler Hearse and much more. Ask your funeral director for more information and what can be available for you when arranging a funeral service.

The beautiful Victorian Horse Drawn Hearse is available through us for all funeral services.

Victorian Horse Drawn Hearse

The Motorcycle Hearse is available through us for any funeral service.

Motorcycle Hearse

Our family cars offer the bereaved comfortable and elegant transport during the funeral service.

Private Hire

Our chauffeur driven Volvo S80 Limousine is also available for private hire. The limo is extremely spacious and comfortable carrying 6 in the back and if needed an extra seat in the front. Give us a call with your requirements and for more information.