Funeral Services

It is of paramount importance that the arrangements are carefully considered as they can only be carried out once. The majority of arrangements are made around what is termed a ‘traditional’ funeral; however, many people today like to honour their loved one differently, and so we will endeavour to help you carry out your wishes.

We offer a large range of services including:

  •   Traditional Burial and Cremation
  •   A Complete Bespoke Service
  •   A Simple Cremation
  •   A Simple Burial
  •   Humanist and Non-Religious Services
  •   Woodland Burials
  •   Eco Friendly Funerals
  •   Victorian Horse Drawn Hearse Funerals
  •   Motorcycle Hearse Funerals
  •   Interment of Cremated Remains

For more information on the services we provide please contact us and we will be happy to help and offer our professional guidance.